Art is indispensable in human life and fascinates us. Since art collecting in one of the principal reasons why artworks exist, it has been considered as the second-most important art activity, after the creation of art itself. In a practice as old as history itself, a penchant for collecting is closely associated with ownership and the personal projection of the individual through the work of art. Artemundi investor’s perspective on art collecting might be somewhat different, however. For us, art is also a real and tangible asset that appreciates in value over time and helps diversify an investment portfolio.

Art is an extraordinary and unique asset because it can combine in almost perfect synergy, financial soundness and inherent esthetic qualities. Investing in art is one-of-a-kind way to invest in something that is both profitable and personally gratifying. At Artemundi we believe in art. We believe that art has quantitative and qualitative characteristics that make it a “must” in portfolio diversification for individual and institutional investors alike. The following information will incur in some of the intrinsic advantages of art as an asset, as well of some impediments that have reduced the investor’s trust in the art market.

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