Art and Finance: Decathlon Series 2016

Art is not what you see,

but what you make others see.

Edgar Degas

Artemundi Group proudly presents the second edition of the Art and Finance Decathlon Series. This concatenation of research papers has the intention to demystify some of the most recurrent falsehoods and misstatements about the art market, as well as to enlighten some of the opportunities of art investing. Taking as the starting point some on the main challenges identified in international art and finance reports, these thoughtful papers will incur into updated research, deep analysis, empirical knowledge and historical facts to present a veracious perspective about the art market. Issues such as valuation, volatility, terrorism, money laundering and other concerns about the unregulated nature of the art market will become the target of inquisitive articles created exclusively for our closest art sympathetic accomplices. Decathlon’s past publications from the first edition regarding the top concerns like due-diligence, fiduciary duty, liquidity of the assent, and other industry issues of wealth managers about this investment sector can be viewed by clicking here.

Pronounce the word “art”, to conjure up the image of an intellectual and sensitive practice reserved only to the upper class and aristocracy. A sacred aura still attaches to the word. Yet the notion of art as elitist is decades out of date. So out of date, in fact, that a new paradigm is emerging, and has been since about the turn of the millennium. The essential nature of art and the importance of creative expression has not changed though, it has just begun to expand and become more accessible and more democratic.

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