Understanding the Underlying Asset, Understanding Art:

According to the Art & Finance Report by Deloitte & Art Tactic, confidence in the Art Fund Industry is mixed. Listed among top concerns of wealth managers and have kept the industry in the boutique investment sector are: “Due Diligence Process for the Experienced Investor,” “Liquidity in the Art Market,” “Asset Pricing: Art,” “Track Record for Art Funds,” and “Unregulated Market” .

Moreover we have identified five more believe are crucial: “Identifying the Risks”, “Sourcing the Right Experts,” “Arm’s-Length Transactions and Other Possible Conflicts of Interest,” and “Fiduciary Duty”.

Along with the financial considerations, find the philosophical and intellectual counterpart in ten parallel articles. This part will deal with decoding the financial assertions into artistic terms. “Due Diligence Process for the Trained Eye,”“The Permanence of Art,”“The Aesthetic Experience as an Artistic Assesment,”“Art Throughout History,” “Art in Transit,” “Rediscovering the Value and Risk of Art,” “Exposing the Taste Makers,” “Chronicles of a Masterpiece,” and “Co-Creating Art: What Every Collector Needs to Know”.

Our aim is to portray the possibilities of art-investment funds as institutionalized art-investment vehicles. Funds are an efficient, reliable and transparent one-stop-shop that benefit from economies of scale, portfolio optimization and the inefficient and unregulated art market. Investment funds like AGF have managed to securitize art efficiently through strict but practical operating mechanisms.

It is our intention to promote transparency, credibility and efficiency in the art investment industry across our proven experience and we have the record to show it.

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