The Art of Collecting Art is an intimate book of historical and firsthand accounts revealing the secrets of the mysterious and inaccessible world of art. The book beautifully exhibits the technical aspects of art and is enriched with the anecdotes and personal experiences of Mr. Javier Lumbreras, a fifth generation art collector from Spain. The Art of Collecting Art also delves into the realms of the products and professional services involved in collecting as well as portraying how a tasteful and significant art collection is formed.
This innovative three hundred and four page piece of literature is written in Spanish and is comprised of thirty-five sections within five large chapters and includes two hundred and fifty magnificent illustrations. The selected artworks are a representation of beloved institutions, but more significantly, derive from an array of private collections rarely on display to the public.
Intended for emerging and established art collectors alike, this book opens up ones eyes to:

  • The intricacies of the art market from the intellectual and philosophical vantage.
  • How art collectors in history have shaped the way we appreciate fine art today.
  • Connoisseurship and establishing your personal art collection.
  • The many differing art genres that have left their mark on humanity.
  • Recognizing and understanding art as a financial investment.
  • The professional realms of the art industry.
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