Products Co Investments and Joint Ventures
As co-investors or JV partners, clients may respectively acquire either an indirect or direct co-ownership share in one or more specific artworks recommended by Artemundi.

Auction price guarantees remove risk from the consignor despite what may happen in the sales room. If a lot does not sell above reserve, the guarantor buys the artwork; if a lot sells below floor, the auction house pays the difference; and if a lot sells above floor, the guarantor splits the overage (up to 50% of the same). Additional guarantee issuance fees (i.e. “financing fees”) range 3% – 5% of the guaranteed amount.

Artemundi is capable of arranging loans secured against an art piece or collection providing short-term liquidity. The loans use the artworks as only collateral.

The administration of full-ownership investments in art owned by our clients is available. AMC, the group’s fund management and consulting services company, handles accounts for third parties in exchange for consulting and transactional fees ranging from 2 to 10% of profits.

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