Bespoke funds


Bespoke Art Funds / Funds-of-One, enable investors seeking to increase their investment in fine art to do so more proficiently. They also provide a service to economically challenged communities. By virtue of their status as a “Qualified Opportunity Fund (“QOF”), investors in the relevant partnership may benefit from certain tax advantages offered under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (the “TCJA”).

The principals of Equinox Financial Group, LLC formed Ampersand Opportunity Management, Inc. (“Ampersand”) to launch and manage Qualified Opportunity Funds and to manage bespoke institutional asset management mandates. Equinox is recognized as an innovative and expert structurer of alternative asset management vehicles.

Ampersand and Artemundi have partnered to establish businesses located in opportunity zones that are focused on acquiring, managing, and selling fine art.