Blouin Creative Leadership Summit, September 2016

Understanding the Art Market and Art Finance

Artemundi Group is pleased to invite you to Blouin Creative Leadership Summit, which will take place at The Metropolitan Club on September 19th and 20th, 2016.

Artemundi’s CEO Javier Lumbreras has been invited as delegate in the conference Understanding the Art Market and Art Finance taking place on September 20th at 10 am. Along with recognized experts from the art market such as Andrea Danese from Arthena Art Finance and Suzanne Gyorgy from Citi Private Bank Art Advisory and Finance, among others; they will cover the increasing interest of considering art as an alternative asset class, even as the market cools.

With a deep experience in the art market, questions like Do the high prices for art in the face of worldwide economic uncertainty cast doubt on the integrity of the art market? Will the blue chip sector diverge from the broader contemporary segment? Can connoisseurs and investors coexist? will be addressed during the presentation.

The Blouin Creative Leadership Summit brings together an unparalleled group of leaders from around the world to explore global challenges and develop tangible solutions. In a panel discussion format, leaders of all kinds — including heads of state, directors of global agencies, CEOs, Nobel laureates, pioneering researchers, entrepreneurs, and other innovators — engage with one another.

You can also download the complete 2016 BCLS program here.

Some notable speakers for the 2016 Blouin Creative Leadership Summit:

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